Office equipment plays a vital role in keeping up with your day to day environment. If your equipment isn’t up to date, or constantly holding back your business process, we can help.

We partner with industry-leading manufacturers and technology partners to provide our customers with a variety of technology solutions at competitive rates with leasing options.

It is imperative that you find the right technology solution for your workflow. We take the time to work with you and better understand your business and budget before making any recommendations.

We look forward to helping you determine a technology solution that best fits your business.

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We offer a wide range of print solutions for any size business that best meets your print needs. We are an HP certified dealer, providing our customer with dependable, cost-effective printers to accommodate your offices’ growing needs without breaking the bank. The next generation of printing is smart, secure, cost effective, and completely transforming the print experience. We’re here to help match you with the most efficient printer for your business. Contact us for additional information.

Multifunction Printers (MFPs)

A multifunction printer (MFP) is a highly versatile, “all-in-one” machine that offers unprecedented combination of high-speed productivity, spectacular image quality and proven reliability with cost-effective operation. As your office technology partner, Visual Edge IT New England offers an impressive selection of devices to meet the document demands of your business. The systems we offer can be tailored to meet your office needs, while improving efficiency and decreasing cost. Our experts can match with the perfect system for you, and will train you and your staff how to use with ease.


Wide Format Printers

We offer an impressive wide and large format devices that allow organizations to go beyond an 8.5″ x 11″ piece of paper. With modular options and scalable configurations that suit both main office and field operations, wide- and large-format printers are capable of producing precise text and line-art with superior image quality.

Production Printers

Ultra powerful and versatile machines allow you to provide the finest quality at high speeds over long runs. We can extend your range of high-volume print jobs with extensive configuration options. Contact us today for a free assessment, or to learn about flexible leasing options.

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